Case Ainoa shopping mall

Ainoa is a first class shopping mall in Tapiola close to the capital of Finland. It covers 50 000 m2 and has about 100 stores and restaurants under its roof.

dSign Vertti Kivi & Co was responsible of the interiors in the building designed by the famous Finnish architecture office SARC. The last part of the mall was opened in the autumn of 2019. The interior design process of the last part took about three years.

Despite of the size of the shopping mall the intention was to make it feel as cozy and pleasant as possible. The inspiration for the interior design was the surrounding Tapiola garden city from the 1950s. In the interiors there are plenty of greenery in the form of hanging gardens and and green oasis giving it a fresh and pleasant wibe.

The heart of the mall is the Foodgarden in the sixth floor. In tune with the comments collected from the customer survey it was separated from the rest of the shopping mall as its own universe. The design elements used in there have the same feeling to them as the ones used in the rest of the shopping mall which helps to create a united Ainoa experience to the visit.


Photos: Janne Lainea

Case Puustelli


Puustelli, a Finnish kitchen manufacturer that has dozens of stores in Finland, Sweden, Russia and Estonia, approached us with a startling question in 2013:”What does a kitchen manufacturer that focuses on online sales need physical stores for?” After studying the question in detail, we came to the conclusion that it would not be a good idea to have no physical stores. There are such potential and quality-related factors in the product range that are impossible to communicate to the customers without physical models. They just need to be presented in a new way.

Our solution for Puustelli was the development of a completely new showroom concept in which various events and available help as well as idea corners and thematic product displays along the customer path help customers find their dream kitchens and make them understand that the kitchen is truly the heart of the home.

The first renovated Puustelli stores opened in 2013, and the increase in their sales has been almost 35 percent. A premium quality environment helps customers opt for higher quality in their purchasing decisions.

After the renovation, the sales of the stores have increased by 35%

Samuli Hintikka Project Manager, Puustelli


Aktia Bank, which has 55 offices in Finland, wanted to update its image and distinguish itself from its competitors. The aim was to increase sales by e.g. improving the working practices and renovating the image of the offices.

We carried out the project in close cooperation with the client’s design department. In addition to a more family-oriented image, the aim of the interior design solutions was to support the customer’s feeling of the freedom of choice and the new role of the offices as places for different kinds of events, etc. We created a special “Aktia” furniture line which could be used for furnishing individual offices. In order to increase customer flows, a special focus was on the street visibility of the offices. As the project included solutions to improve working practices, we were also responsible for change management aiming at the engagement of the personnel in the new working practices.

In the past five years, we have carried out about twenty renovations in Aktia offices. The increase in sales has been 30 percent. We have also received positive feedback on the enhanced space utilisation and cost-efficient interior design solutions.

Sympathetic, cost-efficient solutions

Samuli Hintikka Project Manager, Aktia


For the Finnkino cinema chain, we developed a theatre concept that offers new experiences to cinema goers. The first new concept theatre was opened in Kuopio in 2013. In 2015, new Finnkino cinema theatres were completed in the Plevna building in Tampere and in the Iso-Kiristiina shopping mall in Lappeenranta. Tennispalatsi, the largest Finnkino cinema centre in Finland, was opened after full renovation in autumn 2015.

The legendary Tennispalatsi,  a new Finnkino image in autumn 2015!

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