Case ultimes business garden


Ultimes Business Garden, Helsinki, constructed by PEAB 2016. Lobby & restaurant design, 750 m2.

The lobby of Ultimes Business Garden office building is a peaceful and relaxing oasis in contrast to its hectic urban surroundings. The restaurant area is a multipurpose environment where its easy to work and organise several types of events and meetings.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere has been created with authentic and touch friendly materials and with carefully chosen lighting. Greenery and wood add to the general cosy feeling.

Ultimate Business Garden is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified project.

Photos by Tomi Parkkonen



The renovation of Posti’s (national mail services provider in Finland) office premises was completed in late 2014. The aim of the project was to design work spaces for 720 people in an 11 000 m2 building. The renovation of the premises was an integral part of a change management project to engage the whole personnel in complete new working practices and work culture. The personnel surveys, team leader interviews and regular info session conducted by dSign formed an essential part of the project. The personnel was engaged in the choice of the furniture, and the result was that 80 percent of the furniture was Finnish. Based on department-specific wishes, the premises consist of a combination of open-plan and multi-facility spaces.

Apart from increased job satisfaction, this extensive project, which was implemented in an extremely tight schedule, was commended for e.g. cost efficiency.

The way in which this project was carried out made the end users super satisfied!

Juha Rista Project Manager, Case Posti


The interior design project of KPMG’s new office building at Töölönlahti in Helsinki was completed in spring 2014. The basic idea of the project was to create facilities that reflect the brand of a multinational company for 700 people in a completely new building of 7000 m2. In interior design, the solution was to utilise multi-facility spaces that support the employees’ freedom of choice instead of individual workstations. The more formal spaces were located near the entrance hall, but elsewhere the main focus was on café-like spaces accessible to all employees. Playful solutions were freely combined with corporative elements, and different types of areas were distinguished from each other by colour coding.

Due to the nature of the project, the interior designers worked in close cooperation with the client and also with the builder, the architect and the owner of the premises.



The design of the premises of the game design company Next Games in the centre of Helsinki was completed in 2015. The rapidly growing company wanted to have premises that would serve as a recruitment asset and challenged dSign to design facilities that would be hard to resist. Other design guidelines included openness and casualness, as well as courage, which is one of the core values of Next Games. A focus in interior design was also on inspirational lounge-like game rooms and sauna facilities, sauna being part of the company’s business culture. Conversion needs were addressed by using the Flexwall glass wall system developed by dSign for project work facilities.

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